Dear Reader,

Thank you for coming to see what all the hype (okay, maybe just hype in my house or in my own head) is about, assuming that you meant to visit my page and didn't get redirected when you googled "neurotic writers."

Either way, I'm glad you're here! So grab a cup of whatever makes you happy and meander through my writing world. But please, wipe your shoes; my life is messy enough without your dragging clops of mud all over the web. Oh, and don't put your cup on the wooden end table without using a coaster; it will leave a ring. And turn off some lights, already. Money doesn't grow on trees. If it did, I'd be living in a forest of moola trees in a tropical climate instead of sitting here teaching you manners.

Okay, now, go read.

Kim Lindquist, Bossy Author


Kim Lindquist

Kim Lindquist writes essay-style memoirs as well as some autobiographical pieces. Using humor and honesty, she paints a collage using glimpses of her life: marriage, faith, aging, raising a child with autism, and the roller coaster of life.  She has volunteered as a leader in the autism community since 2003, enjoys public speaking, and strives to bring hope to others.

With age, life gets better. Not easier, but better.
— Kim Lindquist

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If I can make one person feel less lonely and more hopeful, I have done my job as a writer. If I can make one person spew milk out of his nose while laughing, I have achieved perfection.
— Kim Lindquist